Ted Lasso’s Relentless Optimism

I recently finished the first season of Ted Lasso, and it is one of my favorite new shows. I bought a new phone last year (well, new for me. An iPhone 7, not an iPhone 11 Pro. I couldn’t rationalize the literal 20x price for essentially a fancier camera) and it came with a subscriptionContinue reading “Ted Lasso’s Relentless Optimism”

February 2021 Book Report – Graphic Novels

Here’s a quick review of all the comics/graphic novels I read in February 2021: Bitch Planet (Vols. 1-2, Issues 1-10) by Kelly Sue DcConnick and Valentine Del Landro. This is a science fiction comic book series set primarily on a women’s prison on a distant planet, Auxiliary Compliance Outpost. In this setting, the world isContinue reading “February 2021 Book Report – Graphic Novels”

February 2021 Book Report – Fiction

Here’s a quick review of all the fiction books I read in February of 2021. Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons. This is a decent horror book by Dan Simmons. I loved some of his other books, the Hyperion Cantos, Ilium/Olympos, and The Terror are amazing books. This one is merely good. The story revolves aroundContinue reading “February 2021 Book Report – Fiction”

February 2021 Book Report – Nonfiction

Here’s a rundown of all the nonfiction books I read in February 2021. I’ll do separate post for fiction and graphic novels. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander This book changed the way I look at the world. I highly recommend this. It lays out in coldContinue reading “February 2021 Book Report – Nonfiction”

Row 10k/Day Experiment

During the pandemic, I’ve taken up rowing with a certain degree of intensity. A million years and almost as many pounds ago, way back in the time before kids, my wife and I had started doing Crossfit. One of the things I liked at Crossfit was when rowing was part of the WOD. We’ve hadContinue reading “Row 10k/Day Experiment”

How To Draw A Caricature

I’ve started drawing caricatures recently. I have a gallery of caricatures on blog that you can check out here. I am still learning and trying to improve on these. They are fun to do, and it’s interesting to try to walk the line between exaggeration and still having the drawing read as the person itContinue reading “How To Draw A Caricature”

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