Here’s my new blog. There is not much here right now.

Late last year I had the itch to start a blog. I’ve started and abandoned a few of them over the years, but it’s never been really something I kept up with. I may not keep up with this one, either. I am looking to have a place to write or post things that are a little longer than a Facebook or Instagram post.

I was thinking of creating this blog as a way to put some positvity out into the universe. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but 2020 was a pretty tough year for just about everyone on Earth. I’ve been doing OK, all things considered, but I wanted to start the new year trying to be optimistic.

I wanted to write about things that I like and are interested in. Books, movies, computers and technology, video games, and anything that I felt like. I feel like my attention span and focus has degraded a bit over the last year. Endless doomscolling through crisis after crisis is probably the main cause; taking a bit of time to write 500 words seems like a good way to get a bit of that focus back.

I had the idea that I would setup a webserver somewhere to run my own page. I don’t expect a lot of traffic, and it’s not really something I am looking for. I thought it might be cool to set up my own server, get a cool domain, run some cool open source blogging software, maybe write about some of the cool tech out there.

I had the idea that I would only write about good things. I did not want to write about politics. I feel like I have been engaged in constant arguments over the past 4 years. Varying in intensity, but constant. It’s been exhausting. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

And then January 6th happened. Seeing a murderous crowd storm the Capitol sort of threw off my plans to start a blog filled with happiness and sunshine in 2021. Two weeks later, democracy has apparently prevailed.

I don’t think I can avoid writing about politics entirely. I will try to keep it to a minimum. Maybe 90% happiness and sunshine, 10% doom? We’ll see.

Rather than obsess over getting every thing right from the start, I just decided I would go for it. So I went with a free WordPress site, nothing fancy yet. I don’t really have a great name yet, so Laser Vortex will have to do for now.

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