My Favorite Dinosaur

Hey, you! What’s your favorite dinosaur?

There is a meme that I have seen floating around social media land, and here is my version of it:

This is my drawing. I don’t have a definitive source for the text, if someone finds it I will add a link or some attribution for it.

I am fortunate, I suppose, that I have some little humans living in the house that ask me this question every day. Usually more than once. Sometimes with extreme specificity (“What is your favorite dinosaur with a long neck that is an herbivore and walks on two legs?”). I wrote a post a few months ago, Dinosaurs are Awesome, all about how the kids are into dinosaurs. It looks like this phase has some legs to it, in fact it seems to be intensifying quite a bit. 

They have stumbled across this show Dinosaur Train on PBS, which is totally fantastic. It’s about a Pteranodon family (and their T. Rex brother) who travel through time in a magical train meeting all kinds of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. The kids now casually talk about theropods and sauropods and herbivores and carnivores and omnivores and the kinds of things running around in the late Cretaceous. I love it.

Anyway, my favorite dinosaur today is a therizinosaurus. Have you seen this thing? It’s insane looking. Here is my drawing of one of these guys:

Look at those claws! It’s like something a comic book artist would come up with as a monster for Wolverine to fight. Just insane looking. Scientists think it was an herbivore. They are not quite sure what those claws were for, but the best guess is they were used for pulling in vegetation. Not for slaughtering mutant superheroes, just for stabbing some salad. Just awesome. And the best thing is that until two weeks ago, I had no idea these things existed. The idea that these thing were running around millions of years ago waving these two foot long claws around is just mind boggling. Longest claws on any known creature, ever. What kind of environment were these guys running around in that these claws were an adaptive trait? Amazing.

I still don’t think I pronounce its name correctly. I am not sure if it is thera-ZINE-a-saurus or if it is thera-ZIN-a-saurs. Does it sound like a xeroxed little magazine about grunge bands or a pink wine that no one really seems to like that much? The little one seems to correct me every time I say it, no matter how I pronounce it. 

So, tell me…what is your favorite dinosaur? Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Dinosaur

      1. Ah, right. But they were flying reptiles that lived alongside dinosaurs, and were predators, at least according to that link.

        Did some more research. Very interesting. One species was named “Dracula”. Anyway, I guess they aren’t technically dinosaurs, and that’s a fact. I hadn’t realized “dinosaurs” was that specific, and didn’t just apply to any and all ancient reptiles.

        If they are out of the picture, I’d have to update my knowledge to pick my favorite candidate.

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  1. Hmm. I’d hafta go with a brachiosaurus 🦕. They’re intimidating tall herbivores, so they’re gentle giants. And warm blooded. Relatable. 😉


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